Training Center & Simulation Lab

Dispatch Coach is excited to announce the opening of a training center. This center will be part classroom and part simulation lab!


 Dispatch Coach will be able to provide necessary initial certifications that are required in local 911 communication centers. Students will then be able to attend our simulation lab course, allowing students to gain life-like experience, better preparing them for future employment.


Through Dispatch Coach’s training programs, we evaluate each student on multiple aspects,

such as:

  • Call taking

  • Mental fortitude

  • Multi-tasking

  • Communication skills


The training center will also host seminars, public speakers, and other miscellaneous courses geared towards the improvement of 911 communications. Agencies and individuals are encouraged and welcome to attend. 

If interested, please click here to view our "find a job" program, or here to view our "scholarship" program

*NOTE: Training center is still a work in progress, and not yet in effect.*

  • Working with CAD systems

  • Work with guide cards

  • Many more...

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