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Dispatch Certification

Dispatch Coach hosts monthly Emergency Medical Dispatching (EMD) classes for the IAED. These classes fill up quick, so be sure to sign up early! 

If you require police or fire certifcation, please contact us.

Stay tuned for Dispatch Coach's Dispatch Training Program. This comprehensive program will train dispatcher's in police, fire, and medical dispatching, community awareness with an emphasis on diversity and unconscious bias, HIPAA rules, CPR, and more providing a unique and all inclusive education that will prepare future dispatcher's for a lifelong career. By including simulation and practical application, our students are prepared to help their communities in a brand new way.

The training center will also host seminars, public speakers, and other miscellaneous courses geared towards the improvement of 911 communications. Agencies and individuals are encouraged and welcome to attend. 

Next EMD Class: 
Nov 1-3, 2021 - 8:00a -5:00p 

Reigister at Priority Dispatch
Email or call for assistance!

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