Even the great Green Bay Packers QB Aaron Rogers had to spend time on the bench before beginning his Hall of Fame career. Enroll in our Find a Job program, and we'll help you move from the bench to a career in 9-1-1 communications!


 Do you just want to be notified of open positions in your area? If you have any dispatch certifications or previous job experience, then fill out our application. Anytime a partnered agency has an opening, they look at our list first! 

Whether you attended a class with us, used the training center, or have experience and/or certifications, Dispatch Coach will register you and bring your name to our partner hiring agencies. This efficient method reduces wasted time in the hiring process and brings qualified individuals right to the Dispatch Center’s front door. 


Dispatch Coach hosts the nation’s first dispatcher registry. The registry will contain the name, qualifications, experience, and more that will help agencies and prospective job seekers find each other.

The best part? This service is FREE to job seekers!  


 No more waiting for a long-drawn-out process. If you are a qualified and certified dispatcher and you are looking for a change of workplace, we can help direct you to a more fitting team. 


Applicants, please feel free to register yourself with us and we will begin working on finding an agency that works for you! 


Remember, registration is FREE for all applicants!

Please fill out the application below if you'd like to enroll!