Data Analysis & Resource Management

Emergency Services have a duty to the taxpayers that they serve to efficiently and effectively respond to 911 calls. At Dispatch Coach, we have expert resource management analysts that can track the efficiency and effectiveness of responses.


Combining knowledge of standardized card set protocols with expertise in the fields of fire, police, and medical gives our analysts a unique ability to collect, review, and report on data collected by agencies. We will not only tell you if the call was correctly coded but also if the response this call received was warranted. By using data from the response teams, we can more effectively track how a response was handled from beginning to end.

Through Dispatch Coach's training center, we will assist will call compliance as well. This will help improve the accuracy of the data collected. See more information on our Training Center here.


By using hard data and evidence, agencies will be able to bring our suggestions to their Police & Fire commission / Local government officials / Medical Director and display easily identifiable data that will demonstrate taxpayer savings or more appropriate responses. This process, while time-consuming, is the best way to serve citizens and give the help they deserve while also accounting for budgetary concerns.

After our initial large data gathering, we offer to continuously reassess your center. See more information on our Agency Reassessment & Maintenance service here.


Our expertise in spotlighting wasteful resource spending can improve the safety of citizens, save money, and improve relations between the community and emergency services.

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