Community Relations

Our Community Relations Department strives to be the bridge between communities and emergency services. The mission of the Community Services Department is to be an effective tool for both emergency services and the citizens they serve. 


Dispatch Coach holds open house forums with various community groups on the topic of emergency dispatching and emergency services. Here the public can be educated, air concerns, and make suggestions for us to bring to agencies. 


We ask numerous questions during these meetings, including but not limited to the following:

  • Are you treated with respect when you call 911? By the dispatcher? By emergency services?

  • Was the response you needed the response you received? Response refers to the unit/crew/service sent.

  • Did you feel informed enough that help was arriving? Were you given instructions that were easy to follow? (click here to find out how we can improve an agency's response protocols)

  • What changes would you implement and why, in regards to emergency services (Police/Fire/EMS)?

  • What trouble, if any, did you face during the incident?

  • What positive impact has emergency services made in your life?

  • Do you have people in your community struggling to find jobs? Click here to learn more about our scholarship program, and how we can assist in starting a fulfilling career.


Community groups and emergency services rely on each other. Gaining a better understanding of residents’ wishes and emergency services procedures can help bring these groups together.


As a SPECIAL BONUS, each community meeting will have a CPR course after the discussion. Community groups should select participants early as there is a limit to how many can be certified at a time.

911 Spanish Language Cards

Dispatch Coach is proud to present our 911 Spanish language translation cards. The use of these cards can assist a Spanish-only speaking resident more easily communicate with a 911 dispatcher while a translator is getting on the line. The first few minutes in an emergency are crucial for the best possible outcome.

These can be purchased for $1.00 each on our online store.

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