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While many agencies have a quality review specialist or use an outside agency to perform quality assurance, Dispatch Coach performs a very different form of Quality Assurance. This QA is meant to be used in conjunction with the agency's choice of QA specialist. We do not merely tell a dispatcher what they did wrong, we tell your dispatchers how to fix it, why they should fix it, and provide examples and that will help integrate this teaching with the rest of their dispatch knowledge. This is a very hands-on process whereby one of our expert Dispatch Coaches will listen to, observe, and comment between calls on the floor of the agency.


Why in-person coaching?

  • The best process for correction comes immediately. 

  • Simple ergonomics can factor into poor performance. 

  • The ability to listen to calls in real-time can provide insight into other factors that affect call taking ability from volume to unconscious bias.

  • Learn more about our Training Center here


In conjunction with the Data Analysis department, we will continuously evaluate your call & response data, finding ways to increase response efficiency, and improving resource utilization. 


Dispatch Coach also has a fully staffed training and simulation lab, to be used for continuing education, initial training, or remedial training (click here to see more information on our training center). Group seminars and lectures are available by request and access to our online tests, quizzes, and worksheets will help any dispatcher in any program improve.

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